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Organize a Great Administrative Professionals Day Promotion with Pens, Calendars, and More

Administrative Professionals Day is observed throughout the world; in the United States, where Quality Logo Products is located, it's held on the Wednesday of the last full week in April. We're grateful it's a worldwide holiday, because based on what we see in our offices, we know how important office managers are. Seriously, we offer over 25,000 different promotional products. Do you know how much trouble we'd be in without our administrative professionals keeping everything organized? We're incredibly proud of our office workers, and we're sure that one of our 25,000 products is the right one to help you thank the ones in your lives.

If you work in an office environment, we can guarantee that Administrative Professionals Day would be a good day for you to mark on your calendars. Whether you have people overseeing the phone line at the factory or actively coordinating events on the CEO's schedules, you have the kinds of employees and co-workers that Administrative Professionals Day is meant to honor. Show them how important they are by providing the items they can use every day, like pens, pencils, and sticky notepads. Choose a different route, and make the day special with fancy personalized paperweights. Or, give them what they really need, like customized boss stress balls. Hey, organization is serious business, but that doesn't mean there's no room for laughter in the workplace!

Administrative professionals not only keep businesses together but also help schools function while the chaos of student life swirls around them. Promotional gifts from the PTO can be excellent ways for parents to say thank you to the people who mark down students' sick days and make sure everything's in great shape with their enrollment. Another fine gift idea is to have students write words of thanks on the first page of a padfolio's notebook and then hand the padfolio to the school secretary. A gift that's both practical and sweet is sure to earn high marks.

Even businesses that typically don't rely on administrative professionals can benefit from Administrative Professionals Day. If any administrative professionals shop in your store on that special day, try offering them complementary notepads or day planners with their purchases. If you run a restaurant or coffee shop that office professionals in the area frequently visit, give away wine gift sets or coffee sets that will encourage them to come relax with you once the work day is over.

Administrative professionals work hard to keep companies running, just as you work hard to help your business grow. Celebrate their hard work at the end of April with items from Quality Logo Products. Thanks to our administrative professionals, we'll find just the items you need.

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