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Put the Promo Pedal to the Metal with Keychains and Other Car and Automotive Accessories

You may think Rodney Dangerfield doesn't get any respect, but it's actually the folks in the automotive service industry. They're working on and repairing cars in the scorching summer months and through the subzero temperatures of winter, sometimes seven days a week because many shops aren't heated or air conditioned. Say 'thanks' during the second week of June by giving them an auto-related item.

Okay, before you scratch your head and wonder why you would give someone who works on cars full-time another car related item, there is logic behind this suggestion. I don't know about you, but any automotive service person I've met has an extreme passion for cars. Many of them work on restoring cars on their days off and attending car shows too. They would love to receive a customized tool set to work on their own car or that beauty sitting in their garage on ramps.

Start the week off by providing breakfast or lunch to all your auto technicians and giving them an awesome calendar to put in their work station at the shop or at home. Naturally, a car related calendar would do best. Whether you go with one showcasing antique cars or sweet concept cars, it will be used on a regular basis.

Since this week takes place in June when much of the country is starting to experience summer like temperatures, why not give out a custom windshield shade too. Now when your technicians leave for the day they can go out to their car and not feel like they're sitting in an oven for the first thirty minutes of their drive home. Plus, what's better for your customers to see while driving up to your shop than a line of your technician's cars with shades in the windshield showing off your name?

You hired an awesome crew at your auto shop or car dealership, so why not take an opportunity to properly thank them for all their hard work and sweat? They'll have a much higher level of job satisfaction knowing that what they're doing matters a whole lot to you! Just imagine what sort of predicament you'd be in without them.

There isn't much you can do for controlling the problems that the cars have when customers bring them in and everyone knows you have zero control for shipping delays of a vital part that's needed. However, you can help your team of specialized and knowledgeable auto technicians know that you appreciate everything they do to help your shop or dealership succeed.

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