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Rev Your Engines! Automotive Industry Promotional Products at the Guaranteed Lowest Price

If you fell asleep during the department meeting in which everyone decided to order promotional products to give away and you were given the job of finding the perfect item, relax. Yes, getting caught sleeping on the job is bad but finding a promo item that will help customers remember your name is as easy as pie!

Going for an automotive theme for your giveaway? Whether it's because you're a car dealership or you're looking to entice more clients to your car insurance policies, Quality Logo Products has you covered. A customized keychain in the shape of a car to put on the keys of your customer who dropped their car off for an oil change is a great idea. So is giving out promotional car shaped stress relievers so while you're negotiating about the price of that snazzy sedan, your customer can squeeze out their stress.

Live in a state where winter brings snow, ice, and subzero temperatures? Imprinted ice scrapers are a great investment! Everyone who comes out to their car after working all day will be so appreciative to have a way to clean off their front and back windshields to get home. If you're fortunate and don't live in a snowy location from November to April (yeah, it happens sometimes) then custom tire pressure gauges are a fantastic idea! Your customers and clients won't have to worry about driving around on low tires and facing poor gas mileage, uneven tire wear, or facing a possible blown tire if they hit a pothole.

In this golden age of technology what's one thing everyone needs with them, preferable fully-charged and ready to go? Their smartphone or tablet! With a promotional car adapter they can charge while they go. They can charge during their commute to work, driving to their parent's house, running errands on a Sunday afternoon, wherever and whenever they want. Your company's name will forever be in their mind as saving the day when they faced a possible smartphone-free day.

See? Ordering an automotive themed promotional product is not the worst job to be assigned. You could've been really punished and been put in charge of collecting all the recycling from the offices or been on fridge cleaning duty. Count your blessings and get on the phone with us to purchase the perfect promotional item for your event!

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