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National Semiconductor, a leader in the telecommunications industry, was coordinating a series of nationwide partner events over a two-month roll-out for their new “Art of Analog” campaign. They Quality Logo Products to come up with an idea for a tradeshow giveaway using the new graphic component of their campaign. The goal of the promotion was to build awareness around their new analog campaign, and leave a lasting impression on tradeshow attendees. Quality Logo Products decided to incorporate artists’ tools in their product recommendation to help energize this campaign. Quality Logo Products immediately thought of the new products that were introduced this year.

Quality Logo Products took the Icon Paint Can Tin imprinted with the customer’s artwork, and filled it with very small boxes of pastel chalk, colored pencils and a mini paint palette, complete with a brush and a box of clay. The idea would really make an impression on customers and would give them something to take away from the show as a remembrance of the campaign. The customer was on board with the idea immediately. A total of 3,000 paint cans were shipped to 12 national locations to use as the giveaway at their trade shows.

Immediately after the gifts dropped in the mail, National Semiconductor began to receive enthusiastic thank yous from the partner groups. Once they hit the show floor, the paint can art set created quite a stir. Many of the booths were overflowing with customers looking to get a bucket. The customer reported that it was one of the best giveaways they have ever done. Thanks to Quality Logo Products and the Icon Paint Can Tin, the “Art of Analog” campaign was a huge success.


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