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Are Stylish Barcodes for Product Packaging Worth the Time and Effort?

Product packaging has become such a creative endeavor that even the style-challenged barcode is getting a face lift. In the past, smaller companies have used stylish barcodes to differentiate themselves from competing products, but now larger companies like Nestlé are trying these out on their smaller brands. Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s dig […]


What Are Your Logo Colors Really Telling Customers? Read This.

Imagine summing up your entire personality and all of your values and ideas into one color. Seem daunting? Now imagine that you have to choose a color for your company’s personality, values, and ideas that would potentially be in consumers’ minds forever. Talk about a panic attack waiting to happen! The logo color (or colors) […]


Will Custom Internet Domain Suffixes Be a Positive or Negative for Businesses?

With hundreds of thousands of companies in the online marketplace, creative domain names are desperately needed in order to stand out. Larger, more established companies typically register their domain name as “.com” to guarantee that no other company with the same name could have that suffix. This is frustrating for smaller, newer companies since the […]

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