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Global Warming: The Truth Will Set You Free

So many activists cry about how terrible we are to “Mother Earth,” and how if we don’t all change our lifestyles dramatically, we’re going to fry from global warming. Every day, hundreds of new blog posts are added to the web by half-educated liberal loud-mouths who claim that corporate America and capitalism are going to […]


Holiday Promotional and Gift Giving Ideas

With the holidays approaching, it’s a time to think of gifts; however, it’s also a time to think of giving your business a good boost to kick-start the New Year.  The right promotional product can help you to do both, by giving a gift that spreads your name. Most people, when they think of promotional […]


Quality Logo Products is Now on Facebook!

A lot of people don’t realize that Facebook is useful for a lot more than just having fun. We try every day to make Facebook more fun for you, the client, but wouldn’t you like it to be more helpful as well? Rather than thinking of Facebook as a fun website meant to pass the […]


Quality Logo Products Trivia – With REAL Prizes

In a recent attempt to further familiarize our customers with the numerous products we offer, and to of course offer some free prizes to anyone truly interested, we have recently begun our very first Quality Logo Products Trivia Contest. Every Tuesday for 15 weeks, we will be posting a trivia question on Facebook. All you […]

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