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Eco-Friendly Promotional Products

For those out there who are trying to stick to an eco-friendly lifestyle, or businesses that want to advertise that they’re eco-friendly, we carry a large number of eco-friendly products produced of recycled materials or highly renewable resources. Pens are a very popular promotional product because they’re affordable and universal. Who doesn’t need a pen […]


How to Use the Delivery Schedule Tab on a Product Page

When viewing a product page online, you will see a tab labeled Delivery Schedule. Click on this tab, and you’ll see calendars with a zip code slot. This is a very useful tool for determining when you must place your order to receive your products on the date you prefer.  Each product differs, because different […]


What Goes into a Sale Price?

When I think about what customers look for most when shopping around, I think of sales prices. What’s on sale? Can I get a discount for buying larger quantities? How does something become a sale item?  There are literally hundreds of items on sale at any given moment at, and they vary across the […]


Why Should You Use Promotional Products to Market Your Business?

Unlike mass media, promotional products target specific audiences. Mass media like TV, radio and newspapers are fine for spreading your name over a larger number of people; but a large majority of the people you’re broadcasting it to are not interested in your products. Promotional products vary in purpose, and can be directed toward a specific […]


What Is Rush Pricing, and Why Do We Want It?

When browsing, you see products that have rush pricing. It may be a little on the confusing side. What is this, and why do we want it? In a way, it’s pretty straight forward. Rush pricing is just what it sounds like, an optional price you can pay to have your order rushed ahead […]

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