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Promotional Products Fit for James Bond: How To Achieve ‘Double-O’ Caliber Preparedness

There are a few, guaranteed, reasons for me to go to a movie theatre. One of those reasons? You’re probably familiar with his name. Bond. James Bond. The latest and twenty-third film from the franchise, “Skyfall,” premiers November 9th. This is an important year for the Bond franchise, celebrating the 50th anniversary since the release of […]


CGI Isn’t Only for Mediocre Sci-Fi Flicks: How IKEA is Revolutionizing Catalogs with 3-D Digital Imaging

There’s a lot to like about Swedish furniture retailer, IKEA. Especially their spacious showrooms that encourage a “Try It Before You Buy It” approach to purchasing their products. It’s possible due in large part to the size of their showrooms. The Schaumburg location, here in the Chicagoland area, is so large it takes three entire […]


James Bond: Secret Agent, Ladies’ Man, and Brand Ambassador: Endorsement and Promotion from Fictional Characters

Celebrities inspire feverish obsession, as we learned from examining Steve McQueen’s influence on the fashion industry. Something as simple as which shirt they choose to wear in the morning may make a company millions. Like with Steve, it may be completely unintentional when the fashion industry becomes influenced by his choices, but nonetheless, they are. […]