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The Art of Making a Resume

As you go through your life (the younger years), you always hear people say: “I’m just doing this to fill out my resume.” But is your resume anything to write home about? Maybe it’s time to take a closer look at your resume or create a new one! This is no easy task, though. It’s […]


6 Brands That Mastered Video Marketing

How can a brand master the art of marketing videos (TV commercials, Internet videos, etc…) when it seems so tough? In order for brands to achieve greatness with video marketing, their video must show evidence of all 3 Rs of Video Marketing: 1. Relatability   2. Reaction   3. Result When you see a video you relate […]


Marketing Yourself in an Undesirable Economy

Now what? Grow up and get a job! Sometimes I feel like a broken record when I tell people about how much the economy is affecting the unemployment rate. It’s hard to even apply to available jobs because of the competition, and a lot of people are faced with being highly educated, articulate, and overqualified. […]

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