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Legit SEO: Embrace Your Inner Scammer to Make an Honest Living

It’s said that crime doesn’t pay… but apparently, it does. Because scammer strategies work. Whether it’s straight up fraud or technically-legal-but-still-shady black hat SEO tricks, taking short cuts has traditionally positioned short term bumps as an attractive trade-off for long term business growth. Even J.C. Penney got away with it for a time. But all […]


Agent Phil Coulson’s Guide to Attracting and Motivating Top Talent

Managing employees is no easy feat, especially when the top talent is working for a shadowy government organization. The Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division (affectionately known as SHIELD) employs the Avengers, that small super-team whose little film made a few bucks earlier this summer. Behind the wheel of recruiting, motivating, and negotiating with […]

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