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Be Thankful!

So did anyone out there make a difference this week? Did you affect positive change within your company? Start a small promotional campaign after reading my last post? Or were you all upset to find out that Microsoft Windows 7 was not just your idea? I know I was devastated but at the same time, […]


Listen to Warren Buffet: Invest in Yourself

Another week has zoomed by here at!  With the hour change for daylight savings, most of us finally see some daylight on the way to the office!  I tell ya, It’s amazing what that little circular ball of yellow glow can do to ones psyche.  You take that and add in the cheer from […]


Global Warming and ASI

Well for those who read my last post, it’s now much colder here in Chicago with chances of snow this weekend.   Yeah, OK, Global Warming.  Before long, I’ll be blogging from my Igloo at a rapid pace not just to pass the boredom, but to keep my fingers warm!  Now, as much as all of […]


It’s Getting Cold in Chicago

Another winter is upon us here in the Windy City and like most of you who live in places where snow falls; you know it’s time to start preparing! Soon, I’ll be trading out my flip-flops out my fleece pull overs. And if you have not found the PERFECT one, check this one out, it […]

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