BIC Widebody Message Pens

A salon recently decided to expand its services. It had previously offered only haircuts and coloring services, but decided to expand its services in order to become a full-service salon and spa. They decided to offer perms, waxing services, massages, facials, pedicures, manicures and make-up consulting. The salon upgraded to a new location with more space in a trendy area. They did some cosmetic changes to the building and opened with a bang.

At the grand opening they passed out Widebody Message pens for customers to fill out client cards. They also had the Widebody Message pens at the desk to pass out to clients on their way out. The message pen included their new logo, address and all the new services in the rotating tube.

The salon grand opening was a huge success, and business grew at a rapid rate. The salon opened another location on the other side of town and purchased the pens for this grand opening as well.


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