BIC Grip Roller Pen

A computer store wanted to stimulate sales and increase awareness of their products and services to both local residents and businesses. The moderate price and high quality of both the BIC Grip Roller and Custom Sticky Note Pads were a tough combination to top. The availability of two imprint areas on the Grip Roller ensured unsurpassed advertising exposure for the company.

BIC Grip Rollers were given away as a thank you to all shoppers who entered the store. A mailing was also done that included both a BIC Grip Roller and an Imprinted Sticky Note Pad, listing the company’s services to area businesses where there may be a need for new equipment or repairs.

Customers kept and used the BIC Grip Roller, with the company’s logo and information, which was a constant reminder of the computer store’s phone number. This resulted in increased calls, recognition and sales. The Custom Sticky Note Pad was also displayed prominently on the computer terminals of the recipients, which also was a constant reminder of the computer store’s phone number and list of services.


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