BIC Widebody Ice Pens

ABC car dealership sells cars for one of the “Big 3″ automakers. The dealership is required to submit a minimum number of completed surveys from customers that buy cars and utilize their maintenance garage. These surveys are important to ABC because they determine standing within the organization and can affect rebates that are critical to the bottom line. The problem was that only 15% of customers were filling out the surveys and returning them. Plus, it was suspected that a disproportionate number of that 15% were from customers having bad experiences. So, the challenge was to increase survey response and the overall rating ABC turned to its corporate office for help. ABC wanted something with impact that was also cost effective, and something its customers would keep. A BIC sales rep thought of the BIC Widebody Retractable Ice Pen. This pen had a huge imprint area which would fit the company’s logo, website, phone number, and a message that read “Complimentary Survey Pen.” The new program launched in July 2003 and ABC just reported that giving out the pen has doubled their response rate.

Pens are given out with the survey, which makes the result even more intriguing.

The 3rd quarter response rate more than doubled to 32%! More importantly, the dealership’s overall rating based on the returned surveys tripled!


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