Business Card Magnets

The Cure – non-profit organization is continuously looking for ways to promote awareness of the symptoms of cancer as well as help with fund raising for finding a cure. One way they accomplish this is through races that are held throughout the city. At each event there are booths with representatives that hand out brochures which include information on the organization and certain diseases. The organization also gives a packet/bag to each runner when they sign up for the races. Included in this bag are brochures about different non-profit organizations, such as The Cure, as well as information on upcoming races.

The Cure – non-profit organization purchased the business card magnet to be placed in all packets/bags for the runners at each race in the area. The magnet included the organization’s logo as well as the phone number and website. The message was general so that it could be used at all events in the area for the entire summer.

The magnet was inserted into 50,000 bags across the tri-state for each runner that ran in any area race.


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