Carpenter Pencil Buying Guide

Carpenter Pencil Target Markets:
Brick Layers
Building Supplies
Concrete Companies
Farm Equipment
Heating & Air Conditioning
Home Improvement Stores
Landscaping Lumber Yards
Pest Control
Recycling Services
Rental Equipment
Roofing Contractors
Siding Contractors
Truck Rental Leasing

Logo Height & Lines of Copy - The maximum logo height on a carpenter pencil is 3/8″, so it is difficult to accommodate some logos. We will print no more than 3 lines of ad copy to ensure legibility of ad copy.

Multiple Color Imprints – Currently our printing process does not allow us the capability to print close registrations.

Second Side Imprints - Best to submit a drawing to show placement of the ad copy. Ad copies can be placed one of two ways; both at the same ends or at opposite ends of the pencil. If no instructions specified set up is at factory discretion.

Carpenter Pencil Selling Ideas

Tradeshows – Contractors, home improvement, banks, financing companies, home repair services distribute at home shows, industry tradeshows, fairs, etc. An inexpensive way to get your information in the hands of many people.

Gift to Valued Customers - Building supplies, lumber yards, and supply businesses servicing contractors, electricians, plumbers, etc. distribute carpenter pencils to their important customers. They give out a box of pencils to be given to the work crews at the job sites. It is a valued gift and their advertising travels to many locations.

Point of Purchase - Hardware, paint & wallpaper stores, landscapers, leave carpenter pencils at the cash registers and give them to customers. This is another item that is also re-sold for a nice profit and it carries the stores imprint.


Cast Study One
A bank was undergoing a major remodeling project and their customers had to walk through a designated “work zone”. When they got to the tellers they received a carpenter pencil imprinted with “We’re rebuilding for your future – Thanks for your patience”. The carpenter pencil fit in with the work being done and the customers received an unusual gift for the inconvenience. People were asking for additional pencils even after the construction was completed.

Case Study Two
An advertising firm used the carpenter pencil in a mailing asking clients “Is your advertising a little flat? – We can help, call…” By using a different item and a slogan with a twist they created a good self promotion. This was an unusual item and it gained alot of attention for the firm. They had deemed the mailing very successful and plan to repeat in the future to new prospects.

Case Study Three
A heating and air conditioning company purchased carpenter pencils for their technicians to hand out to other contractors at job sites. At any given job site electricians, carpenters, plumbers, etc., would be working on a building. This was a good opportunity to get their advertising in front of other professionals and opened up conversations between them. Their technicians often learned of upcoming jobs, giving them leads on bids and received referrals from the people they met. The pencils helped open a door for networking.


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