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Lessons from a Promotional Giveaway Day with the Kane County Cougars

This year, for many of QLP’s media and marketing team members, the days leading up to Labor Day weren’t filled with water cooler conversations about barbeques or parades we’d attend. Instead, they were filled with meetings about what we would name our water bottle and stress ball characters for our Labor Day sponsorship game with […]


‘The Writers’ Room’ Secrets to the Importance of Personalization

Have you heard about The Writers’ Room on the Sundance Channel? It’s a half hour show co-produced by Entertainment Weekly where host Jim Rash interviews show runners and writers of popular television shows about the creative process. For nerds of both writing and pop culture (e.g. me), it’s really a can’t-miss. Though you’re probably wondering […]


10 Inspiring Quotes about Marketing from Advertising Legends

With hundreds of ads bombarding consumers every single day, the idea of creating something eye-catching and original can be really daunting. If you want your brand to get noticed in today’s media saturated world, look no further than the original Mad Men and advertising legends. Advertising has made leaps and bounds since some of these […]

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