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How to Deal with Difficult Customers: The Victim, the Nitpicker, the Groundskeeper, and the Power Tripper

Following a “how to deal with difficult customers” script is a great way to save yourself the time and energy of treating people like individuals. In fact, by simply researching steps on how to react to challenging clients, you’ll be able to take away the “difficult” label immediately! …Followed by the “customer” one. But if […]


All I Really Needed to Know About Teamwork I Learned from Harry Potter

The Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling features hundreds of unique characters, many whom form teams to either support or hinder Harry. Teamwork strategies from the Harry Potter series also apply to Muggle (non-magic folk) business dealings. Identify and use individual strengths. Harry knows that his strengths include inspiring others, selflessness, and sheer determination. However, […]

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