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How to Take Action in Business: 4 Pearls of Wisdom from Sly Stallone

At QLP, we love to mine whatever relevant information we can from the likes of our favorite films and television shows. Why? Because the entertainment industry is insightful, inspirational, and valuable—that’s why. And trust me on this: there’s nothing more insightful or inspirational than the Italian Stallion himself, Sylvester Stallone! With that in mind, I’d […]


Entrepreneur Inspiration: Business-Building Advice From ‘Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog’

We’re a Whedon-friendly family over here at QLP, with plenty of Browncoats proudly counted among our ranks. Sadly, our blogs cannot be pop culture fiestas 24/7, and we need to occasionally tie things into marketing, business, and/or promotional products. So today’s scem to write whatever we want well-researched and informative post is about Dr. Horrible’s […]


How Does This Business Thrive Exclusively on Word-of-Mouth Marketing?

They say bad publicity is better than no publicity. What if no publicity was better than any publicity? The Safe House, a spy-themed restaurant in downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin, seems to think so. Although this establishment has been in business in downtown Milwaukee since 1966 and has made restaurant must lists for years, there are plenty […]

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