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Are You Choosing the Right Promotional Pen for Your Company’s Image?

There’s no getting around it—promotional pens are everywhere. No matter where you go, you’re likely to see these little beauties just laying around, waiting to be used. I’d ask you to remember when you last saw one, but I already know the answer: today! Businesses of every size and stature are making use of custom […]


How These Service Strategies Converted Me from Casual Customer into Brand Advocate

News flash: customers aren’t idiots. In fact, they’re savvier than ever before. Businesses think they’re slick with their fine print and convoluted returns process, but with price comparison and search engines a click away, it doesn’t take much to send a customer packing. So how do you hang onto customers? Well, there are always locked-in […]


Trade Show Tricks for Vendors and Exhibitors: 9 Truths You Should Know and Plan For

Trade shows and conventions are fun, but they can also be a giant pain if you’re unprepared. I’ve seen dozens of vendors flounder at conventions because they assumed that showing up was 99.9% of the job—it isn’t. The “build it and they’ll come” mentality simply isn’t enough anymore. You have to put yourself out there […]

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