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My Top 3 Road Rage Triggers

Road rage strikes all of us at one point or another.  I’m thrilled that I know how to drive and that I have my own transportation, but there are some days in which I completely dread going out on the road.  I don’t claim to be a driving expert, but I like to think that […]


5 Ways to Have Horrible Customer Service

Customer service is invaluable to any company…right?  I’d like to think it is, but unfortunately that’s rarely the case anymore.  I don’t know what happened to make good customer service less of a priority, but I don’t like it.  I think I’ve managed to pinpoint the 5 things that drive me the most crazy about […]


Yippie Ki Yay Christmas

Last year, I got into an argument with my roommate. He stated that Die Hard was not a Christmas movie. I stated that Die Hard is not only a Christmas movie, but it is the Christmas movie that all other Christmas movies should aspire to emulate. He also likes to drink Green River, so take […]

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