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The Twisted Definition of the Word: Branding

Call me old fashioned. Tell me that I’m only saying this because I’m trying to pimp out our promotional products. You’d probably be right on both accounts.  Accuse me of whatever you want, but don’t tell me I’m wrong.  Because the word branding, as it pertains to marketing, has lost its meaning. What branding IS […]


Global Warming: The Truth Will Set You Free

So many activists cry about how terrible we are to “Mother Earth,” and how if we don’t all change our lifestyles dramatically, we’re going to fry from global warming. Every day, hundreds of new blog posts are added to the web by half-educated liberal loud-mouths who claim that corporate America and capitalism are going to […]


Why the Yankees REALLY Win

The World Series is (will probably be over) this week, which sucks , because I am a good old’ fashion Red Sox fan.  Born and raised.  Unfortunately for me I am forced to watch the Yankees play.  It’s kind of like if you’re Superman and you have to watch Lois Lane go out on a date […]

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