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Nothing’s More Refreshing Than Custom Coolers!

After I finished a recent blog post about beach promotional items, I realized that I didn’t talk enough about one of the most necessary (and not to mention exciting) summer products…personalized coolers! Without promotional coolers, how would people spend hours on the sand watching beach volleyball? They’re bound to get thirsty and hungry, right? Well, […]


Please Don’t Spam Me! | Why Electronic Mailing Lists and Newsletters Can Work Against You

Maybe you’re passionate about the environment or you enjoy staying updated on the newest fashion designs…whatever your interests, you’ve probably signed up for at least one electronic mailing list at some point. It’s so easy to do, right? All it takes is an e-mail address and you’ll soon be receiving delicious newsletters and coupons from […]


No, I Don’t Need a Receipt OR a Bag!

Receipts automatically spit out everywhere…from the corner gas station to the big-name department store in the mall. Typically, people use receipts to keep track of expenses, to record them in their checkbook registers, or to return items to the store where they were purchased. But why are these slips of paper suddenly mandatory? Of course […]

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