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Television Ads – Annoying or Effective?

I’ve noticed a pattern over the past few years, and I’m not sure that television advertisers will be too happy about it.  The pattern is simple:  I watch a program until the commercials begin, I pick up the remote, and I mute the TV commercials until the show comes back.  Does anyone else do this?  […]


From Employee to Customer

Hello, fellow Bubba-ites! I hope everyone is enjoying this wonderful (if a bit rainy) Friday morning. My name is Jana, and I’ve worked at Quality Logo Products for four years this month. Woo hoo, how the times flies! I started out as a humble content writer and have risen rapidly through the ranks to reach […]


Why Should You Use Promotional Products to Market Your Business?

Unlike mass media, promotional products target specific audiences. Mass media like TV, radio and newspapers are fine for spreading your name over a larger number of people; but a large majority of the people you’re broadcasting it to are not interested in your products. Promotional products vary in purpose, and can be directed toward a specific […]


Who’s Selling Your Product?

A few months ago, in the midst of the “Great Celebrity Death Race of 2009″ America lost it’s favorite and most polarizing pitchman, Billy Mays. Known for his trademark yelling style and somewhat abrasive technique, Billy Mays made a fortune for his products by selling them to the consumers using direct market infomercials.  Whether you […]

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