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Trade Show Tricks for Vendors and Exhibitors: 9 Truths You Should Know and Plan For

Trade shows and conventions are fun, but they can also be a giant pain if you’re unprepared. I’ve seen dozens of vendors flounder at conventions because they assumed that showing up was 99.9% of the job—it isn’t. The “build it and they’ll come” mentality simply isn’t enough anymore. You have to put yourself out there […]


How to Get Your Business Prepared for Summer Holiday Promotions

In case you hadn’t noticed, the summer holidays are approaching, which means that it’s high time you get your business prepared for themed promotions! Whether you’re looking to promote your business during the coming months or you’re simply organizing the party or get-together of a lifetime on behalf of a specific organization or group, you’ll […]


How Many Brand Impressions Do Promotional Products Actually Get? [INFOGRAPHIC]

These days, a buck can’t buy much. Or can it? Data collected from various sources including a newspaper, the Nielsen company, and the Outdoor Advertising Association of America reveal that your marketing dollar goes MUCH farther than you’d think. For example, for each dollar invested, your imprinted tote bag is receiving 1,000 brand impressions! Billboards […]

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