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What Buddy Holly, Cover Songs, and Simplicity Teach Us About Audience

The suspects? They range from teenage garage bands, to wedding singers, to karaoke competitors, to American Idol contestants. They all stand equally guilty of committing a serious offense: First-degree butchering of a good, classic, standard tune. They sing… …”Cover songs.” (feel free to insert the collective, obligatory groan here) That phrase wasn’t always a cue for audiophiles […]


From Stay at Home Mom to Staying in a Mansion: How Kylee Lane’s Home-Based Business Changed Her Personal and Family Life

In the last bit of Kylee’s interview, you read about how she was inspired to make all-natural vegan soap, her run-ins with the law, and her advice for entrepreneurs. In this edition, you’ll find out more about she balances her family and business priorities, how social media propels her forward, and when she sees her […]

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