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How to Successfully Self-Market Your Band or Business: Interview with Nickolas Blazina from ‘State and Madison’

You haven’t been to a concert in ten years, but I bet you fifty bucks there’s still a band t-shirt in your closet. Whether it’s been saved because for continued fan support or for sentimental value (I can’t bear to toss my ‘N Sync t-shirt from 2000), that band t-shirt will always double as a […]


How Does This Business Thrive Exclusively on Word-of-Mouth Marketing?

They say bad publicity is better than no publicity. What if no publicity was better than any publicity? The Safe House, a spy-themed restaurant in downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin, seems to think so. Although this establishment has been in business in downtown Milwaukee since 1966 and has made restaurant must lists for years, there are plenty […]


The ‘Skinny’ of Successful Business Ventures and Relationships: Skinnygirl Margaritas

Sometimes there’s a need for a product or service that doesn’t exist yet. Entrepreneurs are the people who innovate and create based on those needs, and Bethenny Frankel is one of those people. Once upon a time, there were people who stared at their margaritas longingly and wished they could drink this delicious, tequila-filled, sugary […]


3 Real Marketing Tips From Fake Commercials

Ever since the VHS tape made watching commercials optional, marketing executives have been challenged to make their commercials pause-worthy. Some have been very successful. These days, you’d be hard pressed to find someone who hasn’t seen the All-State Mayhem commercials, heard the song, or ogled Isaiah Mustafa in the Old Spice ads. However, there […]

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