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Eco-Friendly Promotional Products

For those out there who are trying to stick to an eco-friendly lifestyle, or businesses that want to advertise that they’re eco-friendly, we carry a large number of eco-friendly products produced of recycled materials or highly renewable resources. Pens are a very popular promotional product because they’re affordable and universal. Who doesn’t need a pen […]


Christmas, Come On In!

Welcome to the first point-counterpoint segment of the QLP Bubba blog. I got all in a tizzy, as Grandma might say, when I read Jill’s post bemoaning the early flood of Christmas into the marketplace. This happy little elf is going to tell you all why it’s never too early to start thinking Christmas, and […]


It’s Getting Cold in Chicago

Another winter is upon us here in the Windy City and like most of you who live in places where snow falls; you know it’s time to start preparing! Soon, I’ll be trading out my flip-flops out my fleece pull overs. And if you have not found the PERFECT one, check this one out, it […]

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