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Why the Keurig Brand Rocks and How You Can Follow Their Success

My home away from home is in a place my amazing coworkers and I have affectionately named “Cubeville.” We each have our own cubicle to personalize with photos, posters, Bubba stress balls, whatever we’d like to make the grey walls disappear. For a few Quality Logo Products employees though, something extra is needed to make […]


Nickelodeon Responds to Customer Feedback and Takes Social Media By Storm with ‘The ‘90s Are All That!’

The big, real world is a scary place. But maybe it will be a little more bearable with the help of Clarissa, Pete and Pete, Lori Beth Denberg, Kenan and Kel. At least that’s what Nickelodeon is hoping for. Millions of fans cried out for a return of their favorite Nick shows, and Nick listened. […]


Keep the Story Going: How to Expand Your Brand Via Word-of-Mouth Marketing | An Interview with Pat McCarthy from WOMMA, Part 2

Welcome back! If you haven’t done so already, check out part 1 of this revealing interview with Pat McCarthy from the Word of Mouth Marketing Association. In part one, we found out the main pillar on which WOMMA was founded and what a WOMMA membership can do for YOUR brand or agency. In this half […]


Quality Logo Products Offers Free Prizes for Baking Cookies

Remember in June when QLP celebrated National Bubba Day? While customers received 10% off their orders, the QLP staffers wore yellow, brought in food, and this blogger got a little ambitious and baked up an army of Bubba sugar cookies. Yep. Bubba Cookies. The week before Bubba Day, one of my fellow blog writers proposed […]

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