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Fan Sites are Free Promotion: An Interview with Theresa from Down With the Capitol, Hunger Games Fansite

This series focuses on creators and maintainers of fan sites for the most popular fandoms around. Fan site creators work as unpaid promoters for record labels, movie studios, book publishers, television networks, and more. They often put their own time and money into a marketing campaign for their favorite entertainment with little, if any, recognition […]


How to Take Action in Business: 4 Pearls of Wisdom from Sly Stallone

At QLP, we love to mine whatever relevant information we can from the likes of our favorite films and television shows. Why? Because the entertainment industry is insightful, inspirational, and valuable—that’s why. And trust me on this: there’s nothing more insightful or inspirational than the Italian Stallion himself, Sylvester Stallone! With that in mind, I’d […]


7 Ways to Optimize Your E-Newsletter and Seize Recipients’ Attention

Ahh, the e-mail newsletter – so simple, yet so complex. The hardest part about it? Getting customers to sign up and stay subscribed. We’ve all fallen victim to the newsletter that seems to set out for world domination in our inboxes. You sign up for coupons from your favorite retailer, and shortly thereafter become swamped […]

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