Compressed T-Shirts

Smirnoff needed a unique in-store promotion to introduce its new watermelon flavor of Smirnoff Twist Vodka.

To meet this challenge, our apparel pros created a custom Compress T-shirt in the shape, size, and color of a watermelon slice. Additionally, Quality Logo Products created an insert card that played off the “twist” in Smirnoff Twist making the final image look more swirled. The final product was then placed on all in-store vodka bottles with a plastic hanger tag where each shirt was given away as a free gift with purchase.

The Smirnoff Company liked the promo so much, they decided to create a second 8,000 unit order with a new shape and used it for subsequent promotional giveaways. Smirnoff was ecstatic and extremely pleased with the way the Quality Logo Products helped to successfully launch their new product.


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