5 USB-Powered Promo Products You Never Knew Existed

You know that QLP has an awesome selection of stress relievers, right? Well, did you also know that we have an awesome selection of USB promotional products? NO?! Now you can say you do! Regardless of what you’re hoping to give out to your customers or employees, if you choose one of these gadgets you won’t be making a wrong decision!

Tea or coffee? Doesn't matter as long as it's hot!

As someone who enjoys a cup of coffee or tea from time to time, I know I would greatly appreciate receiving a USB mug warmer. Keeping a cup warm when your to-do list is as long as your arm is frustrating, and I know I’m not the only who feels that way. It’s easy for people to become distracted in their work — in fact, some companies even like that — that they’ll forget to sip their drink when it’s at the optimal drinking temperature. These mug warmers will keep their drink nice and toasty-hot so that they can continue to work without worrying about cold coffee or tea (yuck) waiting for them during a spare moment.

A "Fan"-tastic fan to order!

Alright, onto problem number two of working in an office some days: dealing with being too hot or too cold while your coworker next to you in Cubeville is perfectly comfortable. If you’ve considered a miniature fan for your office, then you can’t go wrong with a USB desk fan; it’s small enough that it won’t bother anyone but the person it’s keeping cool. These sturdy fans are great giveaways during the spring and summer months when office temperatures can easily skyrocket during a sunny afternoon! Or, for a larger version that your employees will love receiving, try this classically-designed USB oscillating fan.

No one likes dry skin in January!

On the flip side of keeping the office air cool in the summer months, it’s equally important to make sure there’s enough air moisture during the winter when the heat is on full blast. A USB-powered air humidifier will keep the air in your favorite customer’s (or employee’s) office nice and comfortable instead of dry and distracting. Hand these out with some promotional hand lotion and you’ll keep recipients nice and comfortable during the coldest months!

Disco Party in the Marketing Office!

If your company is feeling particularly silly or just tired of the same old, same old promotional products, then these next two items will be right up your alley. How many times have your employees wished they could have a disco dance party in their office (to get their creative juices flowing, of course)? They’ll be one step closer with this disco light (pictured on the right) plugged into their computer’s USB port!

Your top-performing employees will love to receive any of these fun and awesome promotional USB products. For an extra special gift for gadget lovers, include them in a gift basket to give to your loyal customers as a thank you for all their years of service!

Do you have a favorite USB product that was left off this list? Have you ever received one from a company that you particularly liked? Sound off below!

Amy Swanson

Amy is one of Quality Logo Products’ content developers and social media coordinators. She is a self-professed newspaper nerd and thoroughly enjoys reading business and financial news and having impromptu discussions about it. Oh yeah, she’s “one of those” people! A true Midwestern girl by nature, she loves riding her bike, photography, and the Chicago Cubs. You can also connect with Amy on


  1. Mandy Kilinskis

    I really love that disco light. It would make the disco parties in the marketing office way cooler than they are now.

    I’m also digging that humidifier. It gets so dry in offices during the winter months and I’m sure that anyone would be excited to receive one. I got excited just learning that it exists, and I feel fairly confident that others would, too.

    These computer mice (mouses?) are also really cool!

    • Amy Swanson

      I think a couple of those disco lights is exactly what our marketing disco parties need. Excellent point, Mandy ;)

      Ugh, I hate how dry offices and even stores can get during the winter months. It seems like I’m constantly blinking to not have my eyes feel so dry and slathering on the hand lotion at every free moment. Those humidifiers would do a world of wonders!

      Those computer mices/mouses/mice are too cute! I love the goldfish one!! So cute!!

  2. Jen

    My eyes get so darn dry in the office during winter months, the USB humidifier would be super awesome in my cubicle. I’m also a fan of the USB People, they are so fun. This is a great list of USB gadgets Amy!

    • Amy Swanson

      Thanks, Jen! I love those USB People too!! An excellent addition to the list :)

  3. Jeff Porretto

    There’s seriously nothing here I don’t want, but I think the mug warmer is the most handy. I hate having to chug down the last half because I can sense the taste of the impending luke-warm coffee….. do not like. I may need to get one of these for myself! Thanks Amy!

    • Amy Swanson

      I’m right there with you and the dislike of chugging down a cup of coffee (or tea) that’s the perfect temperature since I know it won’t stay that way. Or else if there’s two swallows left of coffee I’ll tell myself, “it’s okay. It’ll be just like iced coffee.” Umm, no it’s not. Iced coffee is amazing, cold coffee that I was drinking when it was hot is gross for some reason. [shudder]

      Glad I added some things to your shopping list, Jeff ;)

  4. Candice J.

    I do believe I am pretty in love with the USB Fans and the USB Fragrance dispenser! I’m a HUGE fan of the lavender scent so the idea my cubicle can smell like lavender all the time, AWESOME!! Also with our Chicago summers I think a desk Fan would be very much needed! Great post Amy!

    • Amy Swanson

      Thanks, Candice! That fragrance dispenser is such a great idea, it needed and deserved a spot on the list :) Plus, it’s on ‘Closeout’ so it’s an awesome price! Win-win!!

  5. Joseph Giorgi

    I’m officially a fan of the USB Oscillating Fan!

    Forget about traditional electrical outlets. U-S-B is where it’s at!


    Great picks, Amy!

    • Amy Swanson

      Haha, we’ll be sure to add that to the list ;) Glad you liked them, Joe!

  6. Jaimie Smith

    These all sound awesomee!! the USB fragrance dispensers sound so interesting. I kind of would like to try those out. I didnt know they made many of these things in USB form. Like the fan and humidifier? AWESOMEEE!

    • Amy Swanson

      Isn’t that humidifier awesome?! I’d love to receive one of those to use during winter months!

  7. Alex Brodsky

    I’ve got a fever… DISCO FEVER!

    I used to have one of those disco lights that I had to plug in to a normal outlet. The outlet was all the way behind my bed. It was a pain. I eventually stopped using it.

    If only this had been around “back in the day,” I might have achieved my childhood dream of dancing as well as Tony Manero!

    • Amy Swanson

      Hahaha, well let your inner kid dance around the office like Tony Manero! I’m sure Joe wouldn’t mind ;)

  8. Amanda

    I like the usb coffee warmer best!! That thing would get used all the time if I had one. Fun post! =)

    • Amy Swanson

      I’m glad you liked the post, Amanda :) It was fun researching it- haha

  9. Rachel

    My vote goes to the mug warmer as my favorite as well! I had some hot chocolate recently, and when I received it it was the perfect temperature … but in about 15 minutes it was borderline too cold to drink. Very sad. I think I’d drink a lot more hot drinks at my desk if I had a fancy mug warmer. :)

    Also, this isn’t technically a USB-powered product, but I always love a good USB hub (like this one because they’re super useful! Then you can plug in a mug warmer AND the disco ball at the same time ;)

    • Amy Swanson

      Oh man, if we used that USB hub we could have quite a rage here in the marketing office. Hot drinks and comfortable air for everyone! [cue techno beats here]

      Excellent suggestion, Rachel! Thanks!!

      (Glad you’re back :) )

  10. david k waltz


    You are right, I had never heard of any of those!

    I wonder how taxing these are on the computer – do we reduce the computer’s useful life due to the large amounts of power requirements? I wonder about this since most of the USB powered items are the eqiuvalent of a AA battery or two level of power, not 110 volts out of the outlet. However, I am as far from being an electrical engineer as anyone, so maybe this is just my ignorance asking!

    • Amy Swanson

      I’ve wondered that before too, David. I’m not exactly sure, but I would imagine that leaving them on for only a few hours a day wouldn’t hurt anything. However, leaving that disco light on for days on end could lead to some reduction in productivity ;)

      Thanks for stopping by and dropping a comment!

  11. Eric

    Howzabout you throw a USB multi-plug hub into the mix, and we can rock all these at once? Or, better yet…fashion a Rube Goldberg machine using them. Now that’d make for a fun QLP office competition.

    Neat stuff, though. I always like coming across items like this – whether practical or not – because they’re just neat to look at it. Kinda like the items you’d find in a “SkyMall” catalog. Except we sell a lot more useful things around here at QLP.

    • Amy Swanson

      Haha, I love the random products in “SkyMall” too :) But c’mon, I think everyone can use a Beatnik USB lamp in their office!

  12. Cybernetic SAM

    These are all really neat I have seen some odd USB items but I very much like the look of these as they all seem practical, well except the disco ball! :)
    Great Post!

  13. Tisha Oehmen

    Hi Amy, I think that humidifier looks really cool, what a great gift idea paired with hand lotion at this time of the year! Thanks for sharing all the great USB devices that are out there.

    • Amy Swanson

      Thanks so much for stopping by, Tisha!

      That humidifier would do a world of good for everyone suffering dealing with dry, hot air in an office. I know I’m always grabbing a bottle of hand lotion a couple times throughout the day, ugh. Gotta love winter, right? ;)

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