Four Calling Birds?

Well, the votes are still being tallied, so I thought I would check in while the official count is being taken. The electronic system was supposed to help this year, but what with the complication of the Electoral College and such, it may take longer than expected. Hang in there, ladies and gentlemen.

In the meantime, office supplies have run low around here, and some of our things are wearing out. For example, my mouse pad has certainly seen its last days. State of the art equipment resting on a ragged doily. Every last mouse in this office has begun to revolt against the worn out, generic, threadbare pads that we provide. The solution?

We’ve got mousepads ranging from simply eight inch pads to a combination of pencil tray, ruler, and calculator mouse pads. Certainly, there’s something in there for everyone. Fully customizable as always, prices range between $1.51 and $16.50. Replace those old gray mousepads with something chic and personalized. Show company pride with one of our custom printed mouse pads.

Your mouse will thank you.


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