Global Warming: The Truth Will Set You Free

So many activists cry about how terrible we are to “Mother Earth,” and how if we don’t all change our lifestyles dramatically, we’re going to fry from global warming. Every day, hundreds of new blog posts are added to the web by half-educated liberal loud-mouths who claim that corporate America and capitalism are going to bring the end of the world with their terrible greenhouse gas emissions.

Think again hippies! Somewhere there’s a dirty confused college drop-out crying in his ramen noodles about the polar bears, and pleading with every passing stranger to please stop driving cars and using hairspray. Perhaps he shouldn’t have dropped out of school.

The theory behind these absurd claims is that anytime energy is used up, most of it is wasted in the form of heat. For example, when we ignite gasoline in a cylinder to fuel pistons in an engine to make a vehicle move, we are giving off a lot of wasted energy in the form of heat. This heat is said to be trapped in the Earth’s atmosphere, and cannot be reversed. This will build up until the Earth becomes overheated from this wasted energy.

This heat, however, cannot just be randomly held by any random CO2 molecule. Truthfully; water vapor, which absorbs and releases heat at nearly five times the rate of CO2, is the only atmospheric gas that possesses the ability to hold heat. This is why deserts get outrageously hot during the day and ridiculously cold at night. The air lacks the water vapor to hold daytime heat through the night, and lacks cloudiness to regulate daytime temperatures.

Also; the claims that it’s impossible to undo the production of heat caused by used energy may be true, but it’s still possible to rid it from the Earth’s atmosphere if the decrease is offset by an increase elsewhere in the universe.

Another interesting factor in greenhouse gases is that the majority of greenhouse gases in the Earth’s atmosphere are from the Earth itself. They come from volcanic activity within the Earth’s crust; and believe it or not, it has nothing to do with using propane-fueled gas grills or driving a Hummer to the grocery store. Humanity’s emissions of greenhouse gases make up for such a small percentage that if we doubled our emissions, it probably wouldn’t even matter!

Instead of pushing for people to start living like Neanderthals in hopes that we’ll preserve our precious atmosphere, perhaps we should pass out logo balls and pens with the slogan, “Stay in School.”  It’s not going to be the hippies saving our butts when the Earth gets hot; it’s going to be the great physicists, meteorologists and geologists who will know what to do.

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