It’s Getting Cold in Chicago

Another winter is upon us here in the Windy City and like most of you who live in places where snow falls; you know it’s time to start preparing! Soon, I’ll be trading out my flip-flops out my fleece pull overs. And if you have not found the PERFECT one, check this one out, it beats my NorthFace fleece every day of the week, rain or shine: Port Authority Tiger Mountain Fleece Jacket. We ordered these as a company promotion three years ago and I STILL wear mine. My wife says it’s time to get a new one, but you just can’t give up on a good thing. While the winters are long around here, you just have to have some warm clothes to make it BEARable. And to that end, if it rains again this weekend at the Chicago Bears game, you can BET I’ll have my fleece on!


Mike is a nose-to-the-grindstone type who could teach a class on strong work ethic. On a personal note, he's a die-hard Chicago Bears fan and doesn't take any lip from Green Bay naysayers!

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