January 2015 Holidays, Observances, and Awareness Dates: Plan Your Promotions!

It’s nearly the “most wonderful time of the year” and time to start planning your New Year’s resolutions and marketing goals! Whether you are buried in snow or just wishing it was a little warmer outside, what better way to lift your spirits than with a list of holidays and awareness days?

I probably don’t have to remind you that January 1st is New Year’s Day. You may be on the ball and prepared with all your New Year’s promotions, but it is such an exciting time of year and there are so many promotion ideas that I just have to share!

Even if you have already planned your New Year’s party, you can never have too many party favors and branded decorations. Koozies are a great way to keep your guests’ hands warm and send them home with something to remember you by (even if they don’t remember the night). Another great party idea is handing out Hour Glass Desk Alarm Clocks to each of your guests. Pre-set each alarm to midnight before your party, and your guests will never forget how you rang in the New Year!

If you’re not planning to host a party, but still want to celebrate with your customers, try handing out the Motivations Executive Calendar. Your customers will remember you all year long and have a calendar full of motivational posters to keep their new year’s resolutions on track. If you want to give away something your customers can use right away, try the Multi-function Pedometer with Clock. Your customers can keep track of time as the new year draws near and can start counting steps and working toward their goal even in the early minutes of the new year.

After all that celebrating, partying, and gift giving, it’s about time for the Festival of Sleep on January 3rd. What is the festival of sleep you say? Why, it’s the day where you get to do the thing you’ve wanted to do since you realized your annoying relatives were coming to your holiday dinner: stay in bed and sleep in, curled up under your favorite blanket. Thank customers who come into your store instead of staying in bed by handing out customized Fleece Blankets and encouraging them to fit in a nap or some “me” time.

When all the holidays and sleeping in are officially over, it’s time to thank your customers for their loyalty during Thank Your Customers Week, which this year is the 5th through the 9th. This week is a great opportunity to give your customers a little trinket to show them they matter and to remind them your business will be there for them through the coming year. We have more than a hundred different gift ideas here, including everything from small treat boxes to customizable gift baskets, and even fun, in-edible things like mood coasters(which are especially good if you have given them a mug or cup over the holidays).

Thank Your Customers Week is followed by Customer Service Day on the 17th of January. You can use this day to thank your customers again and raise awareness of your exemplary customer service, or you can use it to recognize your employees for providing exemplary customer service. There are many awards and rewards you can give to your employees to show them you appreciate their hard work.

The holidays are filled with joy and laughter for most, but if you’re looking for a holiday that is truly meta, celebrate laughter on Global Belly Laugh Day this year. How do you celebrate laughter, you might wonder? According to BellyLaughDay.com, “at 1:24 p.m. (local time) smile, throw your arms in the air and laugh out loud”. Personally though, I think we can celebrate better than by forcing a laugh at exactly 1:24. Easily inspire laughter from your employees or customers with something like the Laughing it Up! Spiral Calendar or with something a little simpler like a Whoopee Cushion or a Laughing Pen.

January is also National Mentoring Month, a great time for both mentors and mentees to show appreciation for each other. Mentors can give mentees a gift such as a professional padfolio to help them stay prepared for meetings, interviews, and other events. A great gift for a mentor can be anything from a good pen, to a gift basket, or even an award.

In addition, January is also International Creativity Month! Encourage your customers to get creative this month with a simple but crafty giveaway like the Craft Mouse Pad or the Snap-In Craft Mug. If your customer’s creativity is more of the writing variety than drawing, you can pair your giveaways with Universal Letter Writing Week January 8th through the 14th and make your promotion twice as effective. Help your customers eliminate mistakes and stay sharp with a Wheel Pencil Sharpener and Eraser or give them something to write their letters and ideas with the Eco-friendly Spiral Notebook and Pen.

No matter what holidays you choose to celebrate or what items you choose to hand out, the Quality Logo Products team is here to help you make this year’s promotions even better than the last!

Like the products featured on our January calendar? You can find them on our website: The Spooner Mug (12 Oz.), the Droplet Figure Stress Ball, and the Ice Scraper Hand Mitten.

Start the new year off right with great giveaways for your favorite observances and awarenesses. Our sales team is standing by ready to help you plan the perfect promotion! You can contact a Quality Logo Products by phone (866-312-5646), by email (info@qualitylogoproducts.com), via live chat, or by leaving a comment below!

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  1. PMO

    I can 100% get behind the Festival of Sleep Day. Now to convince my children to follow along as well!

  2. Jaimie

    Thank Your Customers Week!!

    What better way to observe this week than to hand out some fancy products to them that both show your brand, and promote your brand as well! There are so many items to choose from!

  3. Rondell Caraos

    2014 is soon coming to an end! Was it me or did this year just fly by?!? Let’s start off the year right and order some Motivations Executive Calendars and watch the days slowly pass us by! :) This is going to be your year… Make every day count!

  4. Mike Wenger

    I was hoping for a full weather forecast too… is that at all possible? I still am having a hard time with the fact 2015 is a few weeks ago. All the “counters” start back at zero… smells like great marketing opportunities for us all!

  5. David Willits

    I think it’s always a great idea to give a gift after the holidays, whether or not you’ve already gifted during the holidays. If you give gifts during January, people are likely to remember your gift more so than the holiday gifts that they received as those will probably “lump together” in their mind because they received so many in a short time.

    Lots of folks out there in customer service *cough cough* and they love be to be shown that they are appreciated…. 8-)

  6. Chase

    Another great post! I love hearing about these holidays that few know about! They are great at helping us find new ideas to help clients out! With these types of ideas we can always find an item for an event. :-) Global belly laugh day might be a hard one to come up with an idea but I am sure a whoppi cushion would be a good one! :-)

  7. Jon

    I love that the year starts off with the Festival of Sleep – its one of my favorite things to do, and I am great at it.
    Following it up with No Name Calling week is going to be rough though- I will just have to keep my mouth shut and my earbuds in – http://qualitylogoproducts.com/Q49718.htm – from the 19th through the 23rd.

  8. Greg

    Global Belly Laugh day! That’s great! Thank your customers week is a great one as well!

  9. alan

    I think I’m most excited for Festival of Sleep Day, and Global Belly Laugh Day! One could enjoy some nice tea (for Hot Tea Month) and then sleep aaalllllllll day on 1/3.

  10. AG

    I didn’t even know Festival of Sleep Day exists and it lands on a SATURDAY?! What are the odds of that happening!? Looks like everyone will be enjoying that holiday! ;) Other than that, a fresh start for 2015 to set new goals and accomplish great things along the way! I hope we all succeed in our goals this upcoming year and keep moving forward from there! :D

  11. Angie

    Another year has passed quickly. I have truly enjoyed my first year with QLP. It’s been fun!

  12. Serenity

    I like that there is a global belly laugh day!! Haha! It would be kind of cool for companies to take advantage of the Thank your customers week!

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