Mood Stadium Cups

17 oz. Smooth Cup that changes color when a cold beverage is poured into it.

Popular Slogans :
In the mood for…
For results you can see.
A welcome change.
Time for a change.
We’ll change the way you…
Quality and Service that Stand Out!
See the difference we can make.
When you’re in the mood for something different.
Thank you for the difference you have made.

Item will change color if kept in a cold location. So impact may not be as good if distributed outside at a “Winter Carnival”.

Grand Openings, Charity Events, Employee picnics: are all good places to distribute these memorable items. The cup is an inexpensive souvenir that serves as a reminder of the event.

Tradeshows, Fairs, etc.: Excellent attention builder that draws people to your booth space.

Safety Reminders: Popular with police agencies and fire companies to re-enforce safety messages taught in school.

Point of Purchase: Resell the item at checkout counters and managers could instruct clerks to quietly give a bottle to customers making a large purchase.


Case Study One
An assisted living center purchased the Mood Cups for an open house event and served drinks with snacks. The cups were imprinted with basic information, a website and the slogan” We set the Mood for Comfort & Care”. The cup got a lot of attention from visitors and residents who were asking for extras to take with them.

Cast Study Two
A police department used the mood cup at an informational meeting they were hosting on starting a neighborhood watch program. They imprinted the slogan “Together we can make a difference”. While the visitors really enjoyed the cups, the officers were more pleased with the attention that would be created even after the event was over. They felt the item was so different that anyone seeing someone use it would inquire into where they got the cup. This would bring up the subject of neighborhood watch programs and hopefully more inquiries to the program.


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