Oh, The Weather Outside is Frightful…

I’m sincerely sorry about missing you all yesterday, folks, but there was a major power outage yesterday due to a snowstorm here in Squishton. It was very scary: snow everywhere! Luckily, no one was hurt, but we were stuck in the house with no news for hours.

It was too bad I didn’t have one of these. These carabiners are not only customizable and affordable, but they’re extremely useful in this chilly weather. With a built-in flashlight and FM radio with earphones, it’s a great tool to keep in the car or home for weather such as this horrible blizzard of ’05.

You can personalize the blue, red, or green carabiner flashlight/radio/tool extravaganza with anything you’d like and at only $.99 each, they’re absolutely affordable.

I sure wish I’d had this flashlight last night. Imagine the entire Squeezie family (I’ll introduce you sometime; they’re wonderful people) trapped in a lovely Squishton home with snow up to the roof and no way to see. We’re insulated and soft and all, but after sliding into Cousin Edna three times, I was ready to try shoveling the walk myself.

Until next time, stay warm!


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