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Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Open up Your Delivered Promo Products

Receiving your promo products after days of waiting may not feel exactly like Christmas morning, but it’s pretty darn close. You completed your promotional order checklist and you’ve been checking your shipping status on a daily basis (or maybe an hourly basis if you were in a rush for them) and now the day has arrived.

But, before you put the unopened box of your customized Mixing Glasses in the corner of your office and get back to work, there are a few things you should do to make sure your giveaways are in great shape. The first thing? Open up your boxes and inspect your items!

Why Should I Check My Items?

I know, I know, you’re leaving your glasses in the shipping box because it’ll be easier to move them to the convention center. However, it’s best to check over your glasses (or pens, sticky notes, tote bags, and any other items you’ve ordered from our website) to make sure none arrived broken, stamped with the wrong imprint, or accidently shipped without an imprint at all. We want you to be over-the-moon excited with your items. If for whatever reason you’re not, the more time we have to fix any errors, the better.

Who Do I Contact If I See an Error?

IF, and I mean IF there are any issues with your order that you want addressed, our customer service team is always happy to assist in righting any wrongs. I’ve gone into depth on our returns and refunds policy here, but there’s nothing wrong with a quick reminder. If you worked with an individual sales team member, please contact them first and they will do everything they can to fix and correct the error. If you ordered your items online, you can reach our customer service team by phone at (866) 312-5646 or by email at Don’t be afraid to voice your concerns directly to them! Everyone here wants you to be above-and-beyond happy with all of your items.


We’ll ask for you to send a picture of the problem products (a picture can say a thousand words after all), and once we prove your order was not produced in accordance with the signed contracts then we will open up a claim with the factory and we will all work together to find a solution. This is a case-by-case sort of scenario, but I can promise that our claims department will work tirelessly to find a solution that will please everyone.

I’m more of an optimist, so let’s look on the bright and more realistic side and say that you love your items right out of the box. The imprint looks amazing in real life and the digital or paper proof you requested gave you a perfect idea of what to expect. You inspected all of your promotional glasses and none arrived broken or chipped. Now you can put the boxes in the corner of your office until your event day and rest easy knowing that everyone is going to be impressed with your items.

Where to Go and Share Your Experience

We love hearing back from customers about their orders. Whether you ordered wedding favors for your big day or you ordered customized pens for a convention, share the news with us! We enjoy reading your reviews and connecting on the following websites:

Yelp: While you’re giving a five-star review to that Chinese restaurant you got take out from last night, why not share your ordering experiences from QLP on there, too?

WeddingWire: Check out vendors in your area and what other brides have to say about the photographer you’re considering at this wedding focused review site.

Trustpilot: Unlike some other review sites, all their reviews are public so you won’t have to worry about your review being hidden. We want to hear what you have to say.

ResellerRatings: They’ve been in business for 16 years, which in website years is being like 64 years old.

Google+: If you have a account, chances are you are the proud owner of a Google Plus account as well (you can learn more about this social network here).

Sharing Is Caring – Your Pictures, That Is

Let’s say you have wedding favors that you ordered from us and you are so excited to share a picture of them, but you’ve already exhausted your bridesmaids, maid of honor, and your grandparents and soon-to-be grandparents with wedding details. Guess what? We love seeing pictures of your wedding favors, every day of the week!


Whether it’s easier for you to share your picture on our Facebook wall or you’d like to email us a picture (or two) and have us post them for you, we’re always happy to see your finished products. Here are just a few examples of the pictures we have ‘snazzed’ up:

allie's cups

ashley's koozies

Not a bride? That’s great, too, because we love seeing your company’s giveaway items as well! If you’re headed to a trade show and have some awesome magnetic clips to give away or you’re ordering customized umbrellas to resell with your logo on them, go on and share a picture with us and our fans.

magnet clips


You can email your pictures to your sales team member and they’ll make sure they’re forwarded to our social media team to share. Or, you can always share a picture of your item directly on our wall; here’s a link to our Facebook page. Whatever is easiest for you, go ahead and go for it!


Twitter more your style? Share a picture with us there and tag @qualitylogo – we love seeing your final products with your logo or message imprinted on it:

Tumblr and Instagram

If you’re looking for some additional QLP fun and want to keep up on Bubba shenanigans, our sales, and life here at the QLP office, follow us on Tumblr and Instagram!

To Recap:

  1. Inspect your items: Once you receive your order, open up the box and take a good look at everything. Are you happy with your imprint? Does the item exceed your expectations? Do you want to shout from the rooftop how excited you are that you found Quality Logo Products?
  2. Don’t panic if there’s an error: We have a risk-free guarantee in place in case your items aren’t what you signed off on the digital or paper proof we sent you. Contact your sales team member right away so we can fix the error. If you have more questions about how returns and refunds are handled, check out our blog on the topic here.
  3. Leave us a review: Whatever review site is your favorite, we’d love to hear about your item, the ordering process, or how working with QLP was for you. We’re on Yelp, Trustpilot, ResellerRatings, and Google+ for your convenience.
  4. Share to your heart’s content: Please share a picture of your items on our Facebook wall or tweet a picture of them. Once your items leave the factory we won’t see the final product unless you send us a picture. Or just send your sales team member an email with your pictures attached. That works, too!
  5. Follow us to the moon and back: Okay, not really to the moon, but we’d love to stay connected with you on our social media accounts. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram – we’re here and can’t wait to keep you updated on Bubba shenanigans and our sales too!

If you’ve ordered with us before, what did you enjoy most about your experience? What is your go-to review website when researching a new company? Let us know in the comments below!

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Amy Swanson

Amy is one of Quality Logo Products’ content developers and social media coordinators. She is a self-professed newspaper nerd and thoroughly enjoys reading business and financial news and having impromptu discussions about it. Oh yeah, she’s “one of those” people! A true Midwestern girl by nature, she loves riding her bike, photography, and the Chicago Cubs. You can also connect with Amy on


  1. PMO

    Sending this blog link to every customer!

  2. Jaimie

    This is such a great post!!

    Very informative. It is definitely a good idea to open your promo items right away. And Amy is right, we LOVE seeing the final product, it is very exciting for us as well. :)

  3. alan

    This is important! You definitely don’t want to find out that there was an issue with your order two years after it was printed! :)

  4. Jay

    Nailed it!

    FIRST… leaving a review is never a bad thing whether positive or negative, but don’t leave a bad review before you give that company a chance to fix a problem. QLP will find a solution 99% of the time and STILL make the event date.

    As much as we quadruple check our work and send exactly what the customer ordered into print, unfortunately, we can’t be there for the entire process, AND… despite being absolute perfectionists, a goofy mistake at the factory can complicate an order. SO many times I’ve heard a year later that “five of the 1000 flashlights didn’t work” and always tell my customers that if there’s even the slightest concern, let me know immediately so I can take care of it… immediately!

    Anyone can sell you an order of tumblers, messenger bags or anything else, but the true measure of how good or bad your customer service is, is how the company handles problems. Do they drop what they’re doing to fix it, or put it off for a week (or forever!)?

    The sooner we know, the quicker we get it taken care of. We don’t have a person here who doesn’t subscribe to that philosophy of customer service.

  5. Jon

    GREAT ADVICE! I forget to tell my customers to check the order right away all the time – and every once in awhile you get a customer that waited a bunch of months and has an issue that is much harder to resolve than if we got on it right away.
    Positive feedback is always appreciated – especially those product pictures … we do these orders all day but don’t get to see the results. I love seeing the finished pieces and the smiling faces along with them. Keep sending them!

  6. Erik Steinbrecher

    Thank you for sharing this Amy! I can’t agree more that you should inspect immediately. If you purchased these items for an event and you wait until the date of the event to open the boxes, it’s too late. But early notification leaves us enough time to work with the vendor to get the issue fixed. Of course, if everything went exactly as planned and the product is awesome, then tell the world about it! A picture on any one of these social media outlets with your information is like free advertising. So show it off!

  7. Chase

    This is really great advice! I have had clients that waited 3-4 months to open the 2nd or 3rd box of an order and there was an issue. With that long of a wait it is hard to get the issue fixed on our end. The sooner we know about an issue the quicker and easier it is to fix that issue! Happy hunting out there! :-)

  8. Ryan

    Heaven forbid you have a claim, but when you do nobody takes better care of you then QLP. I like the advice about the sooner, the better, because like all things in life, nothing good comes to those who wait! At least I think that’s how it goes…..

  9. Kat D.

    GREAT post, GREAT advice for all of our customers!! :)

  10. Jen

    Couldn’t agree more, Amy! Pictures are the best, especially when our customers are so excited about the end result. We rarely get to see our finished products in person, since they go directly from the factory to the customer. We, too, get excited about a fun imprint, great product, or just the simple fact that our customers are happy :)

  11. Joe

    Awesome suggestions here, Amy! It’s definitely important for customers to know that we’ve got ‘em covered with the “risk-free guarantee”, so they’ll always get their items WHEN they want them, the WAY they want them.

    And when they do GET their items, we of course want them to SHARE as many pictures and comments with us as they can. Because it’s true: we often don’t get to SEE the finished products unless they share the pics, and we certainly don’t want to miss out. :)

  12. Rondell Caraos

    I love it when my clients send me pictures of the final product! Seeing the actual Item decorated is so much better than working and seeing only a Digital Proof of it. I always think my clients are as excited as I was when working on their project. In the end… we are here to make you happy and would love the opportunity to work with you on many more projects that you may have!

  13. Angie

    Another great post. I know if I order something, I open it right away to be sure it’s what I ordered. Great advice for all.

  14. Bret Bonnet

    So many ways to contact QLP – so little time! :)

  15. David Willits

    I strongly encourage my clients to open and inspect their items well before the event if we have time. The last thing we want to do is have something printed incorrectly but the second to last thing we want is to not have time to fix that error should it happen.

  16. keith

    Amazing article. It is perfect and something that we should be sending to every customer! Could not have said it better myself.

  17. Greg

    Great post! Checking out your goods, as soon as you get them, is the best thing to do. It’s also fun!!

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