Why Your Attitude Makes a Difference

What’s the first vision that pops into your head when I say the words: “customer service”? Do you think about a smiling face? A few friendly words? Or, maybe you think of someone who went out of his or her way to help you with a problem? No matter what your thought process on customer […]

New Changes Make for a Better User Experience

Here at Quality Logo Products, we hate hidden fees as much as you do. That’s why we’re preparing a new layout for our product pages. We’ve got some cool new things coming that will make it super easy to see what your order is all about. This new change will allow you to see an […]

The Fun Never Stops!

There are always improvements going on here at Quality Logo Products. We’ve got some new changes coming to help give you a better idea of the products you’re looking at. Coming soon, we’re going to have more images available for our products. Currently, we only show a maximum of four images. Once we finish the […]


The Benefit of a Functional Promotional Product

I saw an article online about a cellular company in India imprinting their logo on a life raft, then using a rope to attach it to a billboard that says to cut the rope when it’s needed for an emergency. Not long after that, a terrible storm hit and the area was flooded. The rope […]


It’s Getting Cold in Chicago

Another winter is upon us here in the Windy City and like most of you who live in places where snow falls; you know it’s time to start preparing! Soon, I’ll be trading out my flip-flops out my fleece pull overs. And if you have not found the PERFECT one, check this one out, it […]

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