Whatever Happened to Commercial Jingles?

I know I discussed my hatred of most television commercials in a former blog post, but I have another complaint to lodge. Why do commercials get to feature awesome music in the background (like Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, or Of Montreal, to name a few)? I mean, that’s great if it gives people an opportunity […]


Crappy Marketing Ideas

A lot of so-called “advertising” blogs will tell you exactly how to have a killer marketing strategy that is sure to put your brand on the map with a rockin’ promotional product. They’ll toss out all these crazy numbers and demographics and blah blah blah. And there’s certainly a need for that kind of writing. […]


Listen to Warren Buffet: Invest in Yourself

Another week has zoomed by here at! With the hour change for daylight savings, most of us finally see some daylight on the way to the office! I tell ya, It’s amazing what that little circular ball of yellow glow can do to ones psyche. You take that and add in the cheer from […]

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