Rep Yourself!

This post might come out of left field for some of you who don’t actively follow this blog, but for those of you who are active participants in the promotional products industry, I’m this will hit a chord somewhere. For a reason unbeknownst to me; suppliers in this industry feel the NEED to hire outside/3rd […]


What Goes into a Sale Price?

When I think about what customers look for most when shopping around, I think of sales prices. What’s on sale? Can I get a discount for buying larger quantities? How does something become a sale item? There are literally hundreds of items on sale at any given moment at, and they vary across the […]


Global Warming and ASI

Well for those who read my last post, it’s now much colder here in Chicago with chances of snow this weekend. Yeah, OK, Global Warming. Before long, I’ll be blogging from my Igloo at a rapid pace not just to pass the boredom, but to keep my fingers warm! Now, as much as all of […]

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