Safety First

After the Squishes spent the weekend at our humble abode, we’ve found ourselves dwindling a little low on supplies, including first aid kits (You wouldn’t believe how rambunctious my little cousins are; we probably went through fifteen bandaids last weekend). Luckily, Quality Logo Products has exactly what we’re looking for. They provide both a rapid […]

New Year, New You

The holidays are barely over (some aren’t even finished yet!), and people are already worried about their New Year’s resolutions. Aren’t they all just going to be the same as last year? Get in shape, find the love of your life, quit your hole-in-the-wall job and do what you’ve always wanted which is build a […]

Bubba Talks About Holiday Goodness

As we near the new year, I think it’s important everyone takes a deep breath and relaxes. With the holidays coming to a close and the sales numbers from the big rush coming in, things can get tense all over again. But not to worry. Stress balls (like me) are here to release your answer […]

By the Slice

It is with a heavy heart that I inform you that the last of the extended Squish family left this morning to return to their homes. We’ve been cleaning all morning in their wake and while they were lovely company, it’s nice to have some breathing room again. But we’ve made a grisly discovery. We’ve […]

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