Happy Holidays!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and have enjoyed or are still enjoying the winter holidays. Holidays at the Squish house are always memorable, and this year was no different. We all got new Squish Family belts, though you would probably recognize them as awareness bracelets. These bracelets made a big splash this year […]

An Exciting New Feature

If you’re as strapped for cash after this holiday season as I am, you’ll appreciate one of Quality Logo Product’s latest features. Quality Logo Products has a menu that allows you to get a price quote, access live online assistance, order a product, suggest the product to a friend, convert the page into a printer […]

It’s Cold Outside!

With the weather hovering between horrifically cold and deep freeze, I can’t help but realize with a sinking sensation that this is only the first month of this foul weather. Really, you’d think there’d be a little consideration around the holidays, a little warmth for the out-of-towners. But nothing but snow and ice. Hmph. Sorry, […]

Four Calling Birds?

Well, the votes are still being tallied, so I thought I would check in while the official count is being taken. The electronic system was supposed to help this year, but what with the complication of the Electoral College and such, it may take longer than expected. Hang in there, ladies and gentlemen. In the […]

Stressball Deathmatch

After miserably losing my five dollars to Penny a few days ago on what I consider to be an extremely slanted chess game, I decided to go double or nothing on a beta; but I need your help. Buzzy and Jaws are the best of friends. Since they were little stressballs, through their keychain ceremony […]

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