Bubba Gets Drunk on Eggnog

After losing spectacularly to Penny, I checked my calendar for the coming week and realized how quickly time had flown! We’re in the final few days before the holiday season wraps up with the celebrations of Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa and Festivus, but those who’ve finished their holiday shopping (Unlike me; geez, what am I going […]

Penny & Bubba Go on a Date

Penny and I were in the lunchroom yesterday, talking about how our employers can reward their employees who’ve gone above and beyond. Stickers and calendars are fun, but what about those who pulled the extra hours and volunteered for that last minute projects? The deserve something more, and we found that in the Embassy chess […]

Time is Ticking!

With the holidays approaching, it’s easy to forget that the new year is also coming up right behind! It’s not too late to tie in a holiday bonus gift with a some preparation tools for the new year. My desk here at QLP is a complete mess, and I am absolutely secure in admitting that. […]

Nothing like a Bargain for the Holidays

With all of this crazy holiday shopping, budgets can become strained. In a family with eight brothers and sisters like mine, Mom and Dad become pretty good at spotting sale signs. In fact, it was Mamma Squish herself who noticed that Quality Logo Products has a Sale and Closeout section. And believe me when I […]

Oh, The Weather Outside is Frightful…

I’m sincerely sorry about missing you all yesterday, folks, but there was a major power outage yesterday due to a snowstorm here in Squishton. It was very scary: snow everywhere! Luckily, no one was hurt, but we were stuck in the house with no news for hours. It was too bad I didn’t have one […]

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