Picture Frame Magnets

A non-profit organization continues the fight against breast cancer by creating an Awareness Month to encourage women to get mammograms. In an effort to keep this awareness campaign alive, they also needed to delicately solicit funds. They chose a picture frame magnet with a heart cut out to include in their fundraising mailing for several reasons. First, the product was flat and wouldn’t add much weight or postage to their mailing. Secondly, the four-color process digital imprint was able to show their pink, heart-themed message very well. Also, the heart-shaped picture frame cut out was appropriate for those wishing to place a picture of a Breast Cancer victim or survivor in the cut out and fix the magnet to a visible place.

The magnet was placed in a mailing to 100,000 families known to have experienced breast cancer.

Donations were up 15% and the increased awareness can be seen in heart-shaped pictures attached to refrigerators across the nation.


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