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Great Deals on Custom Bottle Openers to Guarantee Success at Your Big Event!

Bottle openers make great promotional items because they come in handy so often. Think about it: how many times have you been hanging out with friends or getting ready to eat at a family gathering when someone grabs a cold one from the cooler and asks around for a bottle opener? Even today, not every bottle comes with a twist-off cap. A bottle opener with your logo on it will help your customers be prepared--and make sure that your company's name comes to mind when they see it!

Needless to say, bottle openers are great giveaway items for a restaurant or bar. No matter where they are when they're popping open their bottles of root beer, when they use bottle openers that bear your business's logo, they'll be thinking about the fine food and drinks they enjoyed at your establishment.

Of course, you don't have to be a restaurant owner to have success using bottle openers as promotional items. Anyone who works at events where the cold drinks might be flowing--caterers, musicians, deejays--can benefit from having their contact information printed on bottle openers that guests can slip into their pockets and bring home with them.

Really, if there's going to be any kind of gathering where people expect to have fun, and your business is going to have a presence there, you can bet that bottle openers with your company's logo on them will make fine souvenirs.

Getting a booth at a local street fair? Get some bottle openers to help attendees remember your company's name. They'll be easy for festival-goers to snag from the table so they can take a look at your company logo later. Giving away thank-you gifts at the company picnic? Slip a few bottle openers into the bags so your employees can share them with friends and family. Bottle openers are like pens in that people tend to pass them along (and sometimes not return them, which is a good thing in this case--it spreads your company's info even further!).

Industry conventions give rise to all sorts of parties once the official business on the convention floor is done for the day. In this case, personalized bottle openers given away at the company booth are just the kind of promotional item that people will put to use right away, and they'll be looking at your company's logo when they do it.

Bottle openers are small and sturdy. They'll get your company's information into customers' hands and stand up to use so that customers won't forget what they saw. We've listed a few cases when bottle openers might make wonderful promo gifts, but their convenient size and their durability make them a solid choice for almost any situation. If you think that custom bottle openers can help promote your business, then give Quality Logo Products a call today.

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