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Let Brand Awareness Soar with Guaranteed Low Prices on Custom Frisbees

One of the biggest worries business owners have about promotional materials like business cards and brochures is that those items can be so easy for customers to forget about and throw away. How often have you misplaced a company's brochure in a stack of old take-out menus and junk mail that were headed for the recycling bin? When people toss flying discs, however, it's because that's what flying discs are made for--to be tossed from person to person, of course!

All of the Frisbee-loving folk out there can get a look at your company's name when you imprint it on customized flyers from Quality Logo Products. Your business's logo can be sailing through the sky for far less than the cost of, say, a skywritten message sputtered out by a plane. Our flying discs are designed to be affordable marketing options that lift your company's marketing approach high above the competitors'.

So what kind of flying disc do you think will help your company take off? We have plenty of traditionally styled plastic flying discs, the kinds that kids were tossing all across the sand and surf in 1960s beach movies. They vary in size, from four inches in diameter to just over nine inches, and come in a wide range of colors. Some even glow in the dark to help your company truly shine!

We also offer flexible, foldable flyers that make it simple for customers to bring your company's name with you whenever they're headed out to have some fun. Talk to our sales representatives to see if your folding flyer of choice comes with a pocket that can also be imprinted with your company's logo.

No matter which style of flying disc you choose, flyers are just the promotional items to lift your customers' spirits while elevating your company's marketing plan. Imagine all of the places where people will put their flying discs to use:

-At school: Give students folding flyers, and watch how many fold them up and tuck them in their backpacks or bags. The next time they have a few minutes to spare between classes, they'll be ready to show off your organization's name while they enjoy a quick game of Frisbee.

-At parks: Want to promote your business among pet owners? Print your company name on a few of our sturdier flyers, and bring them down to the dog park. We have several flying discs made to be used as pet toys.

-At work: Handing out flying discs at the company picnic lets your employees know that you want them have fun as well as work hard. Plus, if your office is anything like Quality Logo Products headquarters, there's a chance that your flyers will get some mileage on regular workdays, too.

At Quality Logo Products, we don't want you to worry about your promotional giveaways being tossed away. Put that worry to rest by putting your logo on our flying discs today!

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