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Keep Your Customers and Brand Healthy with Custom Hand Sanitizers

When I was younger, the kids in my neighborhood invariably teased each other about having cooties. Actually, they invariably teased me about having cooties. Growing up, however, allowed me to take my revenge on them, because as an adult I've learned two important facts about germs: 1) they're real, and 2) they're everywhere. And while I know that a little bit of dirt on my hands won't kill me, sometimes, I really want to wash my hands. For times like those when soap and water aren't available, a travel bottle of hand sanitizer is a fine item to have, and a fine promotional item to give away.

At Quality Logo Products, we offer all sorts of hand sanitizers designed to be convenient for your customers and clients to use. Whether you think your customers will prefer squeeze bottles or spray pens, we've got you covered. Many of our pocket-sized bottles of hand sanitizer also come with handy travel accessories, such as key rings, clip caps, or carabiners (those metal rings that let you hang an item from a purse strap or a belt loop). Some of them are even the size and shape of a credit card, meaning that your clients can keep your promotional hand sanitizer in their wallet and have your number on them wherever they go.

And wherever they go, hand sanitizer will be useful. Anyone who ever steps foot in a grocery store, library, school, train station, or shared office--basically, a good portion of the population--can put a promotional hand sanitizer to good use. Whenever they take out those bottles for a burst of purifying gel, they'll get a look at your business's logo.

Hand sanitizers make especially good giveaway items at trade shows, festivals, and conventions. With all of the people crowded into those spaces and all of the hand-shaking that takes place among those people, you can bet that a small bottle of hand sanitizer will be much appreciated.

If you own or work in a health care facility, consider giving away travel-sized bottles of hand sanitizer to patients. You know that people get sick, and anyone who's visiting your office probably knows it, too. Giving them bottles of hand sanitizer to take home is one more way you can show them that you want them to be well.

Schools can be hotbeds for germs, as any parent and many students will tell you. If you're running an event at a school and are looking for a promotional item to hand out, why not try a hand sanitizer that can clip on to a backpack? We here at Quality Logo Products are willing to bet that at least one parent or guardian will thank you for it!

Hand sanitizers are small, affordable promotional items that anyone can use. Germs may be everywhere, but with your company's information on bottles of hand sanitizer, your name can be, too! Call us at Quality Logo Products and let us help you help your customers.

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