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Low Prices on Custom Lanyards for Conferences, Medical Workers, and More!

A major fear of many consumers is that they will lose something valuable or important to them. Leaving their car keys on the counter at the bank; dropping their camera as they are setting up the perfect shot; or finding themselves without the flash drive holding the PowerPoint presentation they have to give in 20 minutes. No matter what the item, consumers can keep important things by their side with the help of a simple lanyard.

Historically, lanyards were used to keep weapons and whistles (for communicating) at the sides of cavalrymen as they rode with their battalion. Today, lanyards are a prime marketing opportunity as consumers use them every day to keep track of important items. Just print your logo or company name along the lanyard strap, and consumers are sure to see your name on a daily basis.

Lanyards come in many shapes and sizes, and here at Quality Logo Products we carry almost any kind you can think of. From 3/8 inch wide lanyards to 1 inch wide lanyards, we can help you print your logo on any size or color strap. Choose from J-clips, bulldog clips, split rings and more to help your customers carry everything from keys, to name badges, to pens. Add features like breakaway safety clips and detachable clips to help make your customers' lives easier and generate even more appreciation for your brand.

Is your target market moms who go to the gym every week? A custom lanyard will help them keep track of their gym key card. Is it college students who live in the dorms? Let them attach their ID, dorm keys and wallet. Just looking for a good door hand-out for your next conference? Print your company name on the lanyards used to hold attendees' ID badges or name tags. Everyone at the conference will be seeing your brand name all day (or weekend) long.

Our lanyards are made from materials such as polyester, cotton, or even recycled PET, which comes from recycled water bottles and similar plastics. No matter what material you choose, these lanyards are made of the right stuff to promote your brand and products. Some lanyards come with perks, such as built-in hidden USB drives, name tag sleeves, and pens, but no perk is better than seeing your company name big, bold and eye catching on this product.

Every customer has something they don't want to lose, but you've got nothing to lose by giving them a personalized lanyard. Whether they use your lanyard or give it to a friend, you can rest assured that your money was well spent and your customers will come riding back to you just like the historical cavalrymen.

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