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Custom Rulers and Yardsticks Help Your Marketing Campaign Measure Up to Expectations

I used to think that I'd eventually outgrow rulers. One day, I'd be old enough that I wouldn't have to worry about buying a new one at the start of every school year because I had lost the one I was using the year before. Then that "one day" came. I grew up, and suddenly I discovered that adults use rulers, too. I caught myself working on household repairs and taking on craft projects, even helping kids with the kinds of geometry problems I had long since forgotten. It was then that I realized that I would probably need a ruler for the rest of my life. And it was when I was thinking about that that I realized what great promotional products rulers make.

The rulers that we offer at Quality Logo Products come in a variety of sizes beyond the traditional twelve-inch rulers that we used to pretend were swords when the teacher wasn't looking. We have six-inch rulers that are excellent for travel, three-inch rulers that double as letter openers, and eight-inch rulers that present an option for those who can't decide between short and long. In terms of features, they run the gamut from tried-and-true simple to "ooh, that's fancy!"

If you prefer the classic look for spreading your company's message, we have the kinds of wooden rulers that were considered classroom essentials for so many years. If you like the feel of wooden rulers but want something a bit more exciting for the eyes, take a look at our fluorescent wooden rulers or our wooden rulers printed with fun designs like dinosaurs and farm animals. We even have wooden mood rulers that change color when held. Grown-ups might hate how kids play with them... until they get their own mood rulers. We're pretty sure they'll be playing with them, too, when the kids aren't looking.

Of course, plastic rulers are lightweight yet durable, making them classroom and household favorites. Imprinting your logo on plastic rulers is a simple yet affordable way to put your company's name out there. While potential customers are squinting at those millimeter marks, they'll also be looking at your company's contact information. Way to make a mark!

Don't think that you have to keep it basic, though. For extra functions that are sure to delight your customers and let them know that you're willing to go above and beyond what's expected, take a look at our bookmark rulers, magnifying rulers, and hybrid rulers with built-in calculators. We also have yard sticks with leather thongs attached, making them great walking sticks for budding naturalists.

You may get taller as you get older, but you'll never outgrow a ruler, and neither will your customers. Call Quality Logo Products today, and let us set you up with customized rulers that will measure up to your expectations!

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